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The Truth About False Positive Drug Tests | Perma-Rail International, Inc.

The Truth About False Positive Drug Tests

The Truth About False Positive Drug Tests

A false positive drug test (or a false negative drug test result) is an incorrect test result that claims that a test subject or patient possesses too much drug metabolizing activity in the human body. While the person might have taken a number of pills or had an over consumption of a substance but the result of the tests show that some drug components are still present in the system despite the fact that the individual has stopped taking them.Read this study to find more information

It is quite easy to see how a number of people get fooled into believing that they were falsely tested for a positive drug tests. But the truth is that a false positive is not something that is allowed under the World Anti-Doping Agency”s code. The agency only allows false negatives to be used as evidence.

Do you need a post-accident drug test? It depends

The process of how a drug test works starts with the user”s urine being analyzed for drug compounds through various methods. This is followed by other analyzer devices, which are usually used in conjunction with the urine test to confirm the drug compound test results. These include the urinalysis kit which tests for many different drugs in the urine and the spectrophotometry machine which tests for active metabolite levels in the urine.

In some cases, the test results also include chemical analyses such as the test called chromatography which involves the detection of compounds such as benzene, a known carcinogen. Chromatography is commonly used for determining the purity of products like detergents and paint-colors but is also sometimes used for detecting some organic compounds which are not normally detected by other means. Chemical analyzers are also used for testing drugs and prescription medications which are either consumed or used for treatment in some cases.

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Drug Test Detox FAQ

In order for a drug test to be considered false it must be proven that the individual did not undergo any kind of abuse or habituation to the drug before the test was given. Although the results of a drug screening can be inaccurate if an individual has taken more than the allowed dosage, this can be used as evidence against them in court proceedings. The amount of active drugs present in the urine is a major factor when positive drug results are given.

Another problem with false drug results is that most times the false positives are given out due to false positive results. When a sample is analyzed and a positive is found, the doctor will usually give the subject an explanation for the test results and tell the patient that he or she has been falsely positive. Even though the conclusion is true the result itself is not correct. Therefore, the doctor may prescribe the patient with another test to confirm the false result and then continue the process with the new test in order to get a confirmation.

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